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Veg tanned skins with a buffed back. These skins have natural character and a medium/firm handle. 

Approx .6 sqmt in size, each piece is unique and images are as a guide only.

Leather is a natural product, this leather may have natural characteristics such as growth marks, scratches, insect bites, scars and brand marks. 

Kangaroo skins will vary in shape and thickness, this is unavoidable.


  • We will deliver to the following countries:

    USA/UK/Japan/Hong Kong/Canada/New Zealand. 


    Please contact us with your order and we will send you a proforma invoice for payment.  Once paid we will ship to your destination ASAP. 

  • Goods remain the property of AusTANNERS until full payment has benn recieved.  Goods can be reuturned within 7 days of purchase on the condition that the goods are in original condition. Aus TANNERS must authorize the return prior to goods being reutrned and must be accompained with sales receipt for the goods. 

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